Agata Adamek


My adventure with volunteering started by chance. One day in the springtime I was riding in a tram and saw a big poster informing about the World Championships in Acrobatics that were to take place in July in Wrocław. I thought: I have to be there. A few weeks later I found an announcement about volunteering during the said championships. As I like challenges I sent my registration form. My good commanf of foreign languages and availability turned out to be helpful and after an interview and a series of meetings I was selected a Team Leader of a group of Team Assistants.


I was self-conscious because of such responsible function at the beginning but on the first day of the championships I knew I found the right place. Now I can say that it I had the time of my life. I gained experience in leading a team, met best competitors from the whole world, made friends that last until now both with other volunteers and competitors. It was the beginning of my love affair with volunteering. Then I took part in a series of various events such as Wrocław Global Forum 2010, Harlem Globetrotters Poland Tour 2010, 500 days to UEFA EURO 2012™.


If you cannot stay in one place, like meeting new interesting people and first of all need new challenges, you must become a volunteer! I guarantee that satisfaction with the success of a given event and awareness that one contributed to such success is priceless.

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